Making safety our credo

We Make Your Safety Our Number One Priority                                                                                                                At Boston Alarm, our top priority is to promote the security of our communities and community members, ensuring that local homes and businesses remain safe and protected. We don’t sleep soundly at night unless we can guarantee that you will, too!

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We are committed to ensuring the safety and security of local homes and businesses, offering a superior level of security to protect property, assets, investments, employees, and families with the most advanced security systems and control features on the market. Our systems encompass a wide range of advanced security measures, including burglar alarm systems, security cameras, fire alarms, and advanced access features to allow for ease of remote monitoring and immediate notifications of potential security breaches. We live and work right alongside the community members that we serve, and it is our mission to protect and maintain the safety of our area communities. By preventing crime and providing advanced security, we strive to offer home and business owners peace of mind each day. With personalized service and custom installation of our systems, we work to establish long-lasting client relationships based on reliability, reputable service, and trust. We know the security business, and we know what it takes to keep you safe.

Complete Fire Alarm & Safety Solution

Boston Alarm offers fire alarm services in Boston, which include fire alarm installation, repair, service, upgrade or replacement. We offer complete fire alarm solution in one place. For years, we have helped residential and commercial properties get the best fire alarm and security solution.

We have an expert team, experience and expertise to handle all your fire alarm needs with greater efficiency. No matter what your requirements are, our customized solution will meet your specific needs.

Get increased security with our advanced fire alarm solution.

Fire Alarm Installation

Our fire alarm installation in Boston is designed to provide efficient solution. Our expert technicians will ensure that you fire alarm system is installed correctly and in the right locations. It is important to install fire alarm system in the right places so that it does what it supposed to do. Our fire alarm installation Boston includes proper inspection, planning, and installing.

Boston Alarm is a reliable fire alarm company in Boston offering customized solution to customers. Get the best installation of fire alarm in Massachusetts with Boston Alarm team.

Our fire alarm installation in Massachusetts is done using the most advanced methods and tools. We are your one-stop fire alarm company in Massachusetts, for getting personalized solution.

System Upgrade or Replacement

Fire alarms are important for businesses and homes. But upgrading it is equally important to ensure greater efficiency. And, replacing old and inefficient system is also important. Our fire alarm services in Boston is designed to provide quick system upgrade or replacement, saving you precious time and cost.

Our customized fire alarm installation in Boston helps business keep their premises safe and secure with advanced security features. Upgrading fire alarm system with more robust system is key to better efficiency and increased safety. For instance, advanced feature like fire alarm monitoring in Boston will add to the security.

Service & Repair

Boston Alarm offers servicing and repair of alarm systems for commercial and residential properties. Proper servicing and repair work are important for efficient working of the alarm system. Our expert technicians have many years of experience in handling fire alarm system including installation, repair, and replacement. We can quickly diagnose the issues and fix them.

Our technicians will also suggest how to check your fire alarm system for problems and keep them in top-notch condition.

Test & Inspection

Fire alarm test and inspection is important to ensure your system is working efficiently. In fact, getting it done regularly is key to getting increased security. We offer fire alarm inspection in Boston to homes and office and more. Fire alarm inspection includes testing and inspecting fire alarm system and its various components. Our expert technicians will provide comprehensive inspection solution for proper maintenance of the system. This step is essential for preventing fire accidents or similar situations. In fact, early detection, warning and timely action will keep everything safe.

Boston Alarm is a fire alarm company in Massachusetts offering reliable fire alarm testing and inspection solution.

Our Advantages

Commitment To Safety

Our highly trained team of service and installation technicians will ensure that your system is professionally installed with efficiency and durability. We offer ongoing support and assistance should you experience problems with your system, and you can contact the Boston Alarm team any time for on-demand troubleshooting. 

Timely Installation 

When you select Boston Alarm to design and install your new security system, we will work swiftly and efficiently to minimize disruption to your home or business. We know that you are anxiously awaiting your new level of security protection, and we always do our best to deliver professional service on time, every time.


The reputation of Boston Alarm has been built on excellence in customer service, and we strive to offer unmatched support and professional knowledge to every one of our valued residential and commercial customers. With each personalized alarm solution, we design for our customers, we stand behind the quality with 24/7 monitoring and emergency repairs if needed.

Superior Industry Experience

The team of expert security technicians at Boston Alarm is fully trained and licensed to execute each installation to comply with all regulatory practices and industry safety standards. When you choose us, you are choosing a team that will keep you safe and secure with installation and maintenance of the highest quality.

Need Fire Alarm drawings? Just ask us. We design fire alarm drawings in accordance with current NFPA standards.

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