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Keep Your Eyes on The Prize with Our Advanced Security Cameras We will ensure your business employees and valuables are under advanced video surveillance with 24/7 monitoring. Protect your assets, investments, and property with innovative security camera systems from Boston Alarm.

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What is security cameras by Boston Alarm?

Advanced Camera Technology to Be Monitored Anytime, Anywhere

Boston Alarm security camera systems offer technology that is designed for superior protection of your business location, and our team of experts will ensure you are fully trained to execute the advanced features, controls, and management options. We will show you how to access your live or archived footage from any device, and how to save or share it as necessary. Often you may have existing camera wiring or infrastructure that we may be able to utilize for setup of your new system, and our technicians will determine compatibility when performing the thorough pre-installation evaluation. Your business may also be eligible for certain insurance discounts when you install a premium security system, and we can help you identify your eligibility and determine your specific insurance benefits.

Security Camera Installation Solution in Boston

Security cameras can add an extra layer of protection to your business or home. With advanced security camera installation in Boston, you can easily increase security & enjoy peace of mind. Our Boston security camera installation services provides customized solution to fit specific requirements.

We offer personalized security camera installation in Boston with 24/7 video surveillance and monitoring. With the right security solution, you can keep your assets, investment and property safe.

Our security camera solution is designed to provide a comprehensive security solution. Our experienced team with expertise in advanced security systems, will make sure your security requirements are met with greater efficiency.

Security Camera Installation

Boston Alarm offers advanced security camera installation in Boston. We customize installation to meet specific security needs. Our professional technicians with expert knowledge and experience, will make sure your premises are fully secured. We also ensure that the installation work is completed on time. We use the latest tools and methods to ensure quick but accurate installation. Additionally, we make sure that your workplace or home life is not affected by it.

Our Boston security camera installation solution is designed to provide an efficient solution. Rest assured that our team will take care of your needs without any hassle.

Customized for Specific Needs

Every property is different and needs specific security installation. Which is why, we customize the installation work to perfectly match specific needs of our clients. We can also set-up different control access system for effective management. We can also make sure that the footage is safe and secure and doesn’t into the wrong hands. Our customize solution is all about catering to specific needs. Let our team handle the installation, customization and monitoring of your security cameras.

Installation & Monitoring

Our Boston security camera installation service also includes monitoring. Our 24/7 monitoring solution is designed to ensure safety round the clock. Your premises will be under surveillance by a team in a remote-control room. Which means, your premises will be safe even if no one is present there. This advanced security feature will make your business or home safer. Plus, you can reduce the burden of surveillance and focus your time and energy on more important things.

Increased Security

Installing security camera is important for increased security. Whether its your home or workplace, security cameras can help protect assets and investments. Advanced security features like security camera with 24/7 monitoring is one of the best ways to protect your premises. Even when the whole place is empty it will still be protected by the 24/7 monitoring. In case of break-in or any security threat, the central control room will alert the authorities and ensure timely action.

Our security camera installation in Boston is designed to provide you with best possible security. Let our expert team handle all the installation and management work. You will quickly see the difference we can make to your security.

What is security cameras by Boston Alarm?

Our Scalable Systems Are Designed to Meet Your Needs

We understand that not every business has the same security needs, and we are proud to offer many customized solutions that are scalable to the size of your location. We can work with small businesses to design a simple security camera setup, and we can also install complex systems that involve numerous office locations that require interconnected security solutions. Video files can be conveniently managed from each office location and can even be sent to external parties for review quickly and easily. 

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Set Designated Permission Controls

With a Boston Alarm security camera system, you can assign a system manager to effectively control access, set permissions, and grant authority to specific users to view and/or manage the camera footage. User profiles can be added and managed with a few simple clicks all from the convenience of the online dashboard. This powerful tool promotes confidentiality of all footage as needed, ensuring that the footage never makes it into the wrong hands.

Protect your business like nobody’s business

What is security cameras by Boston Alarm?

On-Demand Live Video Management from Any Device

Security never stops, and neither do we. With our advanced security camera systems, live footage is available to be viewed on demand from any remote location. The footage can be viewed and saved from any desktop, laptop, smartphone, or other mobile device of choice. With Boston Alarm’s user-friendly interface and integration possibilities, all advanced live footage features and video management options are available by simply logging into your account.  

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Set security permission with just a few clicks

Set security permission with just a few clicks

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The communities that we secure are the same communities where we live

The communities that we secure are the same communities where we live

The communities that we secure are the same communities where we live

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